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Thanks for your interest in our kombucha! If you would like to learn more about our wholesale offerings and pricing, please reach out to orders@soundkombucha.com.

We work with several distributors, and are always looking for new partners, both near and far! If you are already carrying our kombucha, consider mixing up your flavors!

If you are ready to place an order or request samples today, please use the form below.

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Once an order has been placed, we will deliver your order on the next business delivery day that falls in your business location.

Please note our delivery schedule:
  • Wednesday - North Seattle & Eastside
  • Thursday - Queen Anne, Capitol Hill, SLU, South Seattle, West Seattle
  • Friday - Downtown & Pioneer Square

Please reach out to orders@soundkombucha.com if you have any questions or need to make a change to your order. We appreciate your business!