Check out our new look!

We have spent many months planning, brewing, designing, and editing - and we are so excited to share our new look with you today.

Here's what's different:

  • New recipes! We kept all the best parts of our old flavors, and added some new ingredients to amplify the taste, enhance colors, and increase nutritional benefits.
  • Clear bottles! These beautiful crystal clear bottles showcase our gorgeous kombucha and allow customers to see exactly what they are getting.

Here's what's the same:

  • All organic ingredients. We still pride ourselves on using high quality, organic ingredients to make the best kombucha.
  • No added sugars. We have the lowest sugar kombucha (free from the sugar tax too!), with no added sweeteners or juices. We flavor with tea and dried herbs and spices -- that's it.

Introducing Island Hop

Meet the newest addition to our retail lineup! It’s hoppy, tropical, and fresh, and is a great option for someone craving a cold beer without the buzz. This blend is made with grapefruit and Cascade hops -- ingredients known to support the immune and cardiovascular systems.

Meet Mist

Formerly Earl Grey, this blend is now also brewed with rose petals, giving it a pinkish color that shines through our new clear bottles. Natural energy booster Earl Grey is known for enhancing digestion and reducing stress.

Hello Hummingbrew

Black & White blend has become Hummingbrew -- and this gorgeous bottle showcases the White Peony and English Breakfast teas that make our classic kombucha so tasty. This combo of black and white teas is known for their healing and immunity-boosting properties.

Nice to meet you, Northzest

It's Lemon Zest with a slight kick! Our Northzest brew is citrusy, spicy, and tart. Metabolism-boosting cayenne pairs with energizing black tea, creating a blend good for both mind and body.

Bring it on, Bonfire

Our Spiced Roobios blend has transformed into Bonfire, a warm, spiced, and earthy brew. We've added an ancient medicinal herb, ashwagandha, which is an adaptogen that is believed to have natural healing properties for both mind and body.

Say Hi to Sunbreak

Best-seller Ginger Peach is back as Sunbreak, which now includes Turmeric. It's bright, spicy, and juicy, and features powerful medicinal herbs known to support digestive and brain health.

Welcome Wildberry

Our Berry Hibiscus blend just got better. Now Wildberry, this blend includes goji berries in addition to the blueberries and hibiscus flavors that have made it a crowd favorite. It's tart and fruity, and hard to believe there is zero fruit juice.

Everyday, Evergreen

Last but certainly not least, our simple Green Tea blend has evolved into Evergreen. Now steeped with Matcha, it's dry, light, and crisp, and unlike anything else available. Matcha lovers will go nuts for this brew!