Check out our new look!

We have spent many months planning, brewing, designing, and editing - and we are so excited to share our new look with you today.

Here's what's different:

  • New recipes! We kept all the best parts of our old flavors, and added some new ingredients to amplify the taste, enhance colors, and increase nutritional benefits.
  • Clear bottles! These beautiful crystal clear bottles showcase our gorgeous kombucha and allow customers to see exactly what they are getting.

Here's what's the same:

  • We still pride ourselves on using high quality ingredients to make the best kombucha.
  • No added sugars. We have the lowest sugar kombucha (free from the sugar tax too!), with no added sweeteners or juices. We flavor with tea and dried herbs and spices -- that's it.

Introducing Island Hop

Meet the newest addition to our retail lineup! It’s hoppy, tropical, and fresh, and is a great option for someone craving a cold beer without the buzz. This blend is made with grapefruit and Cascade hops -- ingredients known to support the immune and cardiovascular systems.